Saturday, December 11, 2010

A must see video ^^ It made me cry T.T

A Japanese man married to a Filipina for 6 years but unfortunately his wife cheated on him and got all his property. :-( tsk tsk tsk
This video made me cry so bad. T_______T
nakakaawa talaga.. Sana mahanap na nya ang asawa nya.. alang hiya!!!

I really appreciate how he handles life positively. He still loves our country despite sa ginawa ng asawa nya sa kanya. I love being a Filipino at sana sa mga Pinay na nag.aasawa lang ng mga foreigner para pagkaperahan lang at huthutan ang kanilang asawa..MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO SA BALAT NYO.. Kakaawa naman ang ibang Pinay na nadadamay sa mga pinaggagagawa ninyo. Ang panget na ng imahe ng mga Pinay sa ibang bansa dahil may mga taong tulad ng babaeng ito.. Sana mabago ang pag.iisip ng ibang bansa na hindi lahat ng Pinay ay mukhang pera. But still we cant blame some of them.
Totoo, ang mga Pinoy malalambot ang puso kumpara sa mga taga ibang bansa.

In my case, I married a Korean and I can say that Im really really lucky having him in my life. Kaya ako naawa sa Hapong ito na nsa video coz I can see my husband in him. The Japanese guy really looks so nice. The way he speaks tagalog really means a lot to me.. He made an effort to his wife to study our language at ang asawa nya di man lang na.apreciate. :-( Sana mahanap na nya ang asawa nyang walang kwenta.. kakainis..
Nakakaiyak talagang panuorin ang vid na to.. haizt..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

My husband, My hero ^_^

Before I met you, I thought I already knew you but when you stay in our house for a month, I know you more and more. You are more than enough. Everytime when we're together I feel so blessed and lucky. Oppa, this is the celebration when you became a part of our family.Though our culture is totally different I saw how you adjust and I never hear you complaining. You just smile when you are tired, tell me you are OK even if you're not, you crack a joke when you feel I'm not in the bad mood, you massage my feet when I'm tired, tell me beautiful stories that inspire me a lot, helped me putting mask on my face and told me that I need to take a rest, buy me stuff that I really love.I could not ask for more. Thank you for everything oppa. I love you and I really really do.

Cheers for everyone. ^_______^I miss you~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pay day :D

Weee.... I got my salary now and treated Greenwich pizza square (Humgarian sausage with bacon overload) to my family.. :D Ang sarap. yum yum yum
Pero bat ang bilis naman. sobrang bilis parang dumaan lang ang pera sa aking mga kamay.. sigh..
Ang daming mga gastusin.. at ang daming dapat bayaran.. :-(
But still Thank you Lord, I have a job. :-) at least I help my family in our household expenses..
Seeing them happy makes me feel happy as well. ^____________^

Anyways, have a lovely week everyone~~

Thanks din to my hubby sa pocket money. it's really a great help ^_^ xoxo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Honeymoon~ Food Trip lol~

Bonding time ^_^

Breakfast Buffet
lunch time ^_^

Dinner Time ^_^

LOL.. is this a honeymoon or food trip? what do you think? hahaha..
Foods are so delicious and I love the place.
I want to come back again.. and eat lots of mouth watering foods~~ yum yum yum

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Great Parents,

Thank you to all the continuous support you give me. Thank you to your undying love and to your care.

I thank you for being so fair. Thank you for scolding me when I did something wrong. With this, I learn a lot from my mistakes. I learn how to handle small or even big problems I encounter in my day to day life it’s because of your good teachings that I will never forget until I die.

I learn to respect myself and other people because you teach us good manners and right conduct when we’re still little until we grow up. I learn how to become independent, responsible and a good citizen. All these things I learn because of you.

Most of all, thank you for being strict in terms of choosing the right guy for me. Because of that, I found the person that I truly love and loves me too~

I owe my life to you. Thank you for everything~

Now that I’m married, I want to be as good as you are as a parent in the near future.

I love you forever my loving parents ^_________________*

Love is..

On the very first day I met you that's the time I feel...

Status : Happily Married ^_^

We got married ^_^

We exchanged our vows last 25th day of Sept.2010.
I thank God I finally found someone.
Someone who will make me happy when I feel sad.
Someone who will take good care of me .
Someone who will accept me for who I am and what I have.
Someone who will share my precious life and spend it with him.
And most of all, Someone whom I truly love.
Thank you Lord for the gift of love.
He's one of the greatest gift I've ever received in this world.~
I hope we will keep our promises forever~
Saranghaeyo Jagiya ^_^

I'm back ^_^

I'm so back~~~
Namiss ko to.. sobra.. :-(
3 months na din akong wlang update didto ah....
I miss all of you here.
I'll post many things here soon~~~ nagparamdam lang now hehe.. later I will change my theme....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy ^_____________^

weeeh~~ Goodbye August~~
Hello September ^______________^
I feel so excited at the same time nervous.. hehehe..

I love you~

Forever ^_______^

Monday, August 9, 2010

BarbeKing Korean Resto~~~~

Koreans Foods At last.nakakain na ako. yum yum yum :p

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marrying a Korean ^^

Marrying a Korean is not that easy. You need to study their culture, language and even their attitude. ^^

I never imagined seeing myself marrying to a Korean guy soon~~
But I always dream to have a good husband and God granted my prayers.
My husband to be is a gift from heaven. ^^
He loves not only me but also my family.
He's such a great guy and a perfect gentleman. ^^

I'm so happy and so blessed in my life.
I could not ask for more~
I'm so thankful I found the right guy for me~~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Honesty is the BEST Policy~ ^_^

1. Do you like anyone?
2. Simple or complicated?
Complicated =)

5. Bought something
Yes yes yow :)
6. Gotten sick?
7. Been hugged?
Yep ;)
8. Felt stupid?
Somewhat lol :P
9. Talked to an ex
10. Missed someone
A lot 11. Failed a test
13. Danced
yes~ and I miss dancing :(
14. Gotten your hair cut?
15. Lied
I think so.. haha
16. Nervous habits?
17. Are you double jointed?

18. Can you roll your tongue?
nope :\
19. Can you raise one eyebrow?
sure! ^_~
20. Can you cross your eyes?
I can’t. +_+
21. Do you make your bed daily?
22. Do you think you are unique?
everyone is Unique ~^^~

23. Said “I Love you”
Yes.I love you~ haha
24. Given money to a homeless person

25. Smoked?
Big NO!
26. Waited all night for a phone call?
I don’t think I have. Kkk~
27. Snuck out?
Haven’t tried yet :p
28. Sat and looked at the stars?
yes~ and dreaming..kikiki

29. Do you swear/curse?
if im very mad.. but I believe it’s not good so I’ll avoid it from now on~~ hehe
30. Do you ever spit?
If I have to~ but not in front of people!hahaha.. In a right place, of course :D
31. You cook your own food?
Nope. Haha. Only if I’m REALLY hungry and if im the one in the house left. T.T .
32. You do your own chores?
33. You like beef jerky?
35. You’re happy with your life?
Yeah, but it could be better. I’m waiting for something better to happen.
36. You own a dog?
37. You spend your money wisely?
Pretty much :)
38. Do you like to swim?
I enjoyed swimming though I can’t swim .LOL
39. When you get bored do you call a friend

41. Flowers or angels?
angels! :D
42. Gray or black?
Black is beautiful
43. Color or black and white photos?
it depends~
44. Lust or love?
45. Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise @_@
46. M&Ms or Skittles?
48. Staying up late or waking up early?
I hate both.
49. Being hot or cold?
cold~ yeah~
50. Winter or Fall?
winter.I love snow~
51. Left or right?
Righty :)
52. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?
2 bestfriends
53. Sunshine or rain?
I got Sunshine..lalala.. rain makes me feel blue~~
Sleep in a bed of the opposite sex?
Hooked up in the woods?
No .haha
Drank a bottle of alcohol by yourself?
Hooked up in the shower?
hahaha.. no!
Stolen money from a friend?
Hell No!
Been in a fist fight?
Something close to one.

Had a crush on a teacher?
LOL .. yeah
Seen someone die?
O_O yes~
Been on an airplane?
Of course I have!
Slept all day?
Not that long.zzzz
Missed someone so much it hurt?
Yes -__-
Fallen asleep during school?
Yep. LOL. It was like half-asleep, ‘cause I could still hear noises my teacher’s voice kkkk
Been lonely?
Yes… :(
Cheated in a game?
I don’t think so.
Been to the ER?
Yes.. ~ during our hospital exposure ~
Been in a car accident?
Thanks God. I Haven’t been!
Had detention?
Cried yourself to sleep?
kind of. i mean, i stopped crying and then slept.
Sung in the shower?
yes <3 it’s so fun!
Kissed a complete stranger?
Lol NO! this is crazy..haha
Laughed so hard you cried?
hahahhaaha.. yezzzzz..
Regretted hurting someone?
Of course.. That’s one of my biggest regrets. :(
Regretted loving someone?
no, I didn’t.
Been SUPER happy?
OF COURSE ^_____________________^

Friday, July 2, 2010


This is my favorite day~~~ and of course Saturday and Sunday too~~ hahahahaha..

Happy weekend everyone ~ woot~ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

Paris is for lovers ~~

Hope to go there soon~~ hehehehe.. Kelan kaya? *>__<*

Monday, June 28, 2010

Korean Foods..

I miss eating Korean foods T.T --- Why are you so expensive? hehe.
I will eat all of you this August.. hahahaha..( evil laugh) kkkk~~

I'm craving now :|

Kimchi is always present in every Korean meal...
Kimchi has loads of Vit.C. :) It's also one of the main reasons why Koreans have great skin... ^^


waaahh. Kimbap .. i miss uuuuuuuuuuu :-(

Love ko 'to .. ~~~

haha.. pro MAS love ko Jollibee lalo na ang burger nla.~~~ weeeh~~ lasang Pinoy :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sa totoo lang ...

Sa totoo lang
Di ako Masaya
Di ko alam kung saan ako nagkamali
Litong-lito na isip ko.
Naguguluhan na ako.
Di ko alam kung saan ako paroroon.
Di ko alam kung saan ako magsisimula.
Marami nang nagbago.Sa buhay ko., sa sarili ko, sa pag-iisio ko, maging sa desisyon ko sa buhay.
Nasasaktan na ako.
Magulong-magulo ang isip ko.. Napakagulo.
Gusto ko magpahinga.Umupo sa isang tabi at hanapin muli ang sarili ko.
Di na ako marunong mgumiti. :/
Nag-aaway kuung ano ang tama o mali sa puso ko.
Sa dami ng problemang dumadating, malapit na akong sumuko.
Ito ang tunay na nararamdaman ko sa ngayon… Sa totoo lang. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Casio EXILIM EX-Z80 Hello Kitty Digital Camera 8.1MP PK - Japan Direct Shop

Casio EXILIM EX-Z80 Hello Kitty Digital Camera 8.1MP PK - Japan Direct Shop

I want this T.T

The Big 6 on the Big night ~

Haizt, Ito talaga ang pinagpupuyatan ko ever since Melason times pa. hehehe
I enjoy watching PBB when the Teenternational housemates entered the PBB house.
Lalong-lalo na may mga Koreans dun.. Aba , exciting to ah..sabi ko..
From then, I stay up late because of them.
Wow~ I was so amazed with the teeneternationals coz they are really talented.
They all deserve to win. Pero kelangan talagang may matanggal sa kanila.
Next week, Big night na .Days are so fast.
Actually, 5 na lang silang naiwan na teenternational. Pero 3 slots lang ang kelangan para sa Big night. The remaining teeneters are:
James -Australia, Bret- USA, Ann Li- Taiwan, and my bet Ryan Bamg - S.Korea..
Jenny who is also from S.Korea was forced evict..So sad..And I think It's so unfair.. :(
I dont want to elaborate the story but I feel sorry for her. Gusto ko pa naman sana cyang makasama sa Big 6.

Well, all guys na naiwan sa PBB house teenters and Ivan who is a Fil-Am they are all good and talented.
Hope one of them will gonna win.Pero syempre sana c Ryan Bang ang Big Winner.. hehehehe..

I will wait next week and look forward to watch Big night on TV.. :)
Good luck to them :)

Thinking of you ~

I think of you during the most random times ~ :(

Happy Father's day to my Papa ^_^

Kelan ba talaga ang Father's Day? hehehe.Everyday naman Father's day.. I just want to say Happy Father's day to my ever beloved Papa and to thank him as well. Through writings I can express how I really feel for him.

You've been the best father to us and the best husband to our mom. When I was little,I always wish to have a husband as good as you are but as I grow older i think it's so impossible coz I realized that you're the only one in this world. No one can ever replace you in our hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥

You are strict but Kind.
You always want to be alone but you spent your precious time with us.
You are strong and warm-hearted.
You never failed to teach us good manners and right conduct since we were little and because of that, we knew how to be polite, be patient and how to respect each other.

I could not ask for more..We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Thank you so much papa..

Happy Father's day to you ~ ♥_♥~
No words can express how much we love you..
We're so proud to have you as our father and we could not stop thanking you.
Thank you for everything. --- Patience, sacrifices,love, care and etc.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time is Gold ~

Time is free but it'a priceless ..

You can own it , but you can't use it.

You can't keep it but you can't spend it.

Once you've lost it, you can never get it ..
Can I borrow your time? :-(

busy as a bee~

I don't have time to post new blog now. T.T

been so busy in my work..

Nakasinggit lng ngayon.ehhehe..

next time, i will be posting new blog entries. hmmm. probably it's more on a photo
see yah~!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is.....

I’ve been breathing and still breathing for 25 long years..
During the past few days, I suddenly asked myself..Am I happy? The answer is.. I really don’t know.
I’ve been up to thinking a lot of things and that makes me feel frustrated, disappointed and depressed eventually. In short, I am not happy with my life now.. Though I still have to be thankful for all the blessings I received in my entire life but my life now is totally different..Really different. ..
I may appear happy, bubbly but deep inside my heart is bleeding..
I have to be strong for my family. Yes, only for my family.
My family is the only one I trusted most in my entire life. Without them I don’t think I can live in this miserable life.( And of course with God) ^^. Lots of things happen in our lives. Sometimes people whom we trusted are the ones who betrayed us. Life is like that.full of challenges and full of surprises.Sad to say that my family is always a victim of betrayal..Always~~ A relative, close friend, and even family member.. Yes. We consider that person as a family yet that person betrayed us.
Sometimes, I asked myself..Is my life normal? If not, what’s considering normal? Is this just a challenge to us? But why it’s always like this.. I’m busy thinking if where did we go wrong.. Hindi naman kami nag.agrabyado ng tao.Kung tutuusin kami pa nga ang na agrabyado.. Maybe the problem is my parents are kind.TOO KIND.. Kasalanan ba ito? Sometimes, too kind or too good is NOT really good at all.
That’s why I came up and made a lot of realizations in life and these are through my bad experience..
1. Ang tao ( hindi namn lahat) kung may kelangan sayo tsaka lang sila lalapit. Pero kung ikaw naman ang nangangailangan, biglang nawawala na lang na parang bula. Salamat ha.. tugshh.
2. Kung sobrang bait mo naman, aabusuhin ka. Kaya natuto na akong magpakamanhid minsan.
3. Pera.. pera.pera…. yun lang ang kelangan nila at habol nila sayo.Why I said so? I have the right to say this coz it was based on my experience.. My family has been betrayed not only once, twice but many times because of money.PAKAININ KAYA KITA NG PERA. Sobrang bait naman kc nila eh.Sobrang tiwala..Yun..tama..TIWALA.. mahairap na magtiwala sa panahong ito...
4. people change.. good or bad.
5. Promises are made to be broken.. Wala pang tao na nangako sa akin at tinupad nya ito..Sa ngayon, wala pa……Ewan ko kung meron na bukas..Kaya if you can't keep promises , wag kang magpaasa ng tao kawawa naman yung umaasa.. I really hate that.
6. Kelangan kong maging matatag sa lahat ng bagay..lahat ng nangyayari at mangyayari pa.
7. Wala ng ibang masasandalan pa,kundi ang PAMILYA mo lang.. Kaya. Love your family more than yourself I repeat..LOVE YOUR FAMILY^^and God. Wala ng sasalo pa sayo sa oras ng kagipian mo kundi SILA lng. ^^
8. Kung mayaman ka, sikat pano na kagaya naming mahihirap??? Ignore nalng ba kmi? Hala.!!! Stop being STREOTYPE!!!!
9. Mas mabuti ang plano ng DIOS kaysa sa plano mo. Kaya wag mong piltin ang hindi para sayo.
10. Tiwala sa Dios.. Only God knows everything..What will happen in the future..
All these things made me strong even a lot stronger... I hold on to my faith and I trust and love you Lord. ^^
I know that everything happens has a reason..I keep on praying, wishing and hoping that all my unanswered prayers will be answered in HIS right time....

So, what's life for you?......

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Matagal na tayong huling nagkita.
Ni sa panaginip di ka na nagpakita.
Sadya bang ganito ang ating tadhana
Na lagi ka na lang nawawala.

Araw-araw gabi-gabi
Pangarap ko’y ika’y nasa tabi.
Pag-ibig nga ba nag nadarama?
Tila bang ako’y nasa tama.

Sabik na sabik na kitang makita
Wag na wag ka na sanang mawawala.
Pro di na ako aasa
Na tayo’y magkikta pa.

Hanggang dito na nga lang ba
Anga ting pagsasama.
Tila yata di ko na kaya
Mas maigi pang tayo’y di magkasama.