Saturday, May 29, 2010


Matagal na tayong huling nagkita.
Ni sa panaginip di ka na nagpakita.
Sadya bang ganito ang ating tadhana
Na lagi ka na lang nawawala.

Araw-araw gabi-gabi
Pangarap ko’y ika’y nasa tabi.
Pag-ibig nga ba nag nadarama?
Tila bang ako’y nasa tama.

Sabik na sabik na kitang makita
Wag na wag ka na sanang mawawala.
Pro di na ako aasa
Na tayo’y magkikta pa.

Hanggang dito na nga lang ba
Anga ting pagsasama.
Tila yata di ko na kaya
Mas maigi pang tayo’y di magkasama.

I’m sorry and Thank you

It’s been a long time since we haven’t seen each other.
I miss the times when we’re together.
I miss the way you teased me.
I miss the laugh, the smile that you’ve brought to me
Everytime I’m with you.
Sometimes I think, “Where did we go wrong?”
Why those things have to happen?
Was it our decision to end this up?
Or was it fate?
Days, months and years passed…
All those questions have been answered.
Seeing as we’re happy with what’s happening with our lives right now,
I thank God coz we’ve made the right choice.
Right to find the true happiness and right to find what’s empty to us.
I know that you are happy and even if I’m not happy
I have to be just for you.
I believe all these things were just part of our beautiful memories that once we’ve shared.
And if God permits,
Someday, somewhere and somehow,
If we’ll see each other again,
I only have few words to say to you..
And if not His will to meet the two of us again, I will asked the Lord to send His angels and whisper it to you telling you I’M SORRY AND THANK YOU.. I really mean it ^^

Dear Mr.Wrong,

I chose to hide the feelings I feel for you

Coz I know you don’t like it to

I really care for you but you never knew.

I smile to hide the pain I felt inside

But I’m still waiting for you in vain.

Until I realized, that I have to move on and forget all the stupid things I’ve done only for you.

I know it’s hard but I have nothing to do.

Now that I’m happy and totally moved on

You came to me and asked me

Begging me to love you again.

Are you crazy? Did you forget all the things you’ve told me before?

You’ve been pushing me to someone

Someone who will care and love me the way I do for you.

And now, you’re here to ask me to bring back the love that I felt for you.

Isn’t so unfair?

How can you do this to me?

I guess it’s time for us to really let go

Let go of the pain we’ve brought to each other and

Find ourselves again and if by chance, we’ll meet again

I hope that we’ll never be the same again..

May we find true Happiness, true love and contentment in our lives.

Meron akong kwento. haha

While I was cleaning my closet this morning, I found a paper and there was poem written on it..Actually 3 poems.. And it made me think..Did I really wrote these stuff? haha.I can't imagine how emo I was.I think I wrote those poems couple of hours.haha..oppps..I mean.couple of years ago.hehehe. Those were obsolete..!not really! I want to share it.. ~~ wink *

I love blogging..

I met a lot of people with different stories happening in their lives.. May emo emohan mode, may inlalabo, may henyo na parang they know what's happening around the I wish I have their brains too~~. Is it possible? hehehe. Not only that, I also met different kinds of people.. How they handle their lives and how they reacted things around them. I appreciate them coz it's not easy to share your lives with other people whom you didn't know. They share their feelings through writing and I really admire that kind of people. I learn a lot of things to them and that makes me inspire to write my blog :) Hope you continue sharing your lives with other people. It makes us inspire and realize how blessed we are and I learn to appreciate life because of your writings.
I love bloggers ^.^ You guys rock :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jewel Quest..

Haizt..Nakakaadik naman ang larong ito.hahahaha..
Sumakit tuloy ulo ko kanina sa kalalaro.. Sige pa, Playing while working? HALAKA! patay tayo dyan,, hahaha..
Talagang patay ako!! hehehe..
Makalaro nga uleteeett,, hahahaha..

Love has no language ^.^

Chatting time with Jagiya ~~

Hay, ang tagal pa nang August,, :(
Pali-pali Jagiya ~~

Wala lang.... ^^

weeehh~~ next month June na..
Pasukan na :)
hmmm.. actually, I really miss being a student.. :(
Aside from the fact na may allowance ka pa, araw-araw ka pang may load.. hehehe..
I miss my classmates,I miss my school...Yung iba naman namimis nila crushes bla.hmmm.. Teka, bat wala akong crush nung College na ako??? hahahaahhaa.. ganun talaga.. enjoy2 lang ang life. hahahaha.. ADIK. busy kasi ako nun eh..busy ako sa ibang bagay.. hehehe

My college life really rocks.Actually, some says that High school is so cool and boring sa college.I strongly disagree.. Mas naenjoy ko college life ko kaysa nung high school pa ako.. Siguro kasi mas mahal ako ng collge friend grabe ang bonding namin during our duty days.. Super.. I miss our teamwork, I miss our kulitan,mga wlang kuwentang kwentuhan,etc.
Sigh.. I really miss those things..
But I have to face the reality that Im living in a different world now~
Kung baga Self-supporting na =))
Bat ganun?? After I graduated, I felt so shy everytime may hihingiin ako sa parents ko.. hehe..
But now, I have my work and Im happy that I can provide on my own though sometimes kulang pa din pero choks lang at least I spent my own money that I've worked for.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

bye H1NI ~~

Had my flu+h1n1 shot yesterday..
and a free nail art from Nestle.. hahhaaha
almost 2 hours din akong pumila sa free nail art na yan ha.. whewwww.. gosh~~ poor me..hahahaha.nag enjoy din naman ako.. . pag may tyaga may nilaga talaga.. :D