Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Samgyetang ^_^

Hi everyone~~

Long time no visit on my blog.LOL :d

I miss blogging~~~ Since I came here in Korea I haven't got a chance to update what's happening in my life here in Korea.. Been so busy working and now I stopped working and I have lots of time to blog now.. Cool, right? hehehehhe..

I want to blog about one of the delicious Korean foods Ive ever tasted...

Last night we had samgyetang ( Chicken Ginseng soup) for dinner. My husband said, during summer season( 여름) in Korea, samgyetang is mostly served. Many Koreans really enjoy eating samgyetang for it's not only delicious but it is believe to be one of the healthiest Korean foods where you can get from the chicken, ginseng and other ingredients. My husband explained to me about the three specific days in summer. These are "Chobok"(초복), "Jungbok" (중복), and "Malbok" (말복), which Koreans believe to be the hottest season of the year. These 3 specific days altogether it's called Boknal. Why they called it samgyetang??? Well, Sam means three in Korean. So, that's why it's called samgyetang because of the 3 specific days in summer. hay kadaghan char2 .. kkk.. that's why I love Korean culture. You will learn something from the food, special holidays, weather, even clothes,etc... kk~ Have a nice evening people ^_________^ btw, I haven't got a chance to take a picture of samgyetang which my eomma served to us this dinner instead I searched a picture in google in order for you to see how samgyetang looks like.. kkk. Looks delicious , right? yeah it really is.. kk....