Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marrying a Korean ^^

Marrying a Korean is not that easy. You need to study their culture, language and even their attitude. ^^

I never imagined seeing myself marrying to a Korean guy soon~~
But I always dream to have a good husband and God granted my prayers.
My husband to be is a gift from heaven. ^^
He loves not only me but also my family.
He's such a great guy and a perfect gentleman. ^^

I'm so happy and so blessed in my life.
I could not ask for more~
I'm so thankful I found the right guy for me~~


Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

ikaw na jud na moi~~wahhhhhh pakita ang face ni Mr.J lols~~~

you you you ~~~~

moi sama moko sa KOrea hahaha....

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

@unni -- hahaha.. secreto para bibo.. ^^ you you. hehe..
i love youuuuuu..~ haha

Jag said...

Wow! good for you...but wait, would you dare to eat Kimchi? Aww spicy hot! LOL.

AdroidEnteng said...

nice...malay mo naman...:D

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

@Jag --- ^_^ yeah, i will try to.. haha.thanks ^^
@ AdroidEnteng- ^_____~ thanks for dropping by a comment ^^

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...
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