Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love is...

Have you ever been inlove?
Well everyone of us wants to experience being loved by someone whom we really love. ^^
Sometimes, love is unfair.. The person you love, is not really the right person for you. You sacrificed lots of things to be with him/her but the end of the day..... you get lost. You are wandering and always confuse.

Love will bring us and will keep us together. But sometimes, love will break you or will hurt you.
It's so sad to know that the person whom you really love is also the person who will hurt you and will give you a heartache..:(

I remember someone told me , " You have to be happy ".. I told myself, how can I be happy when you alone makes me feel sad :(

I realized that loving someone is not really a guarantee to be happy..Though there's always a rainbow after a rain, true enough it will really make you a stronger and better person someday.

Hmm. as for now, I want to be alone ^^
I want to discover lots of things and I want to know myself more before I have to fall in love again.

I'm sick of being hurt and always a loser. .. :(
I want to be happy.
I want being alone
I really miss being me ^^
and I really really miss being happy.. :)

Life is like a wheel as they said, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.

But let us always remember..
Love covers multitude of sins ^^

With this saying from the Bible , I was relieved. ^^ sigh . :)

Love me or hate me :)

Hey !! Everybody!!
Nice to be back.. Been busy in my work .. wheew..

But today, Got nothing to do, so I just write a blog just to express what I really feel nowadays ^^
hmm. It's been a while since I haven't practiced my writing skills.right?.hehe..
I'm kinda boring at this moment so I decided to post a new blog. Hope everyone will like it ( Though I didn't obliged you to read this ..haha.. It's up to you if you like or not ^^ wink.

These days I feel that am no longer happy with what I'm doing.. sigh...
I don't know why?
I really want to explore things, to discover lots of stuffs and experience many things outside my world :)..
I feel sad about it..
Sometimes am really confused what I really want into my life.
Maybe, i need inspiration?kkk~~ I suddenly miss my Jagiya.^^ kkk~~
Well, that's life~~
I don't know where my fate will bring me..
Kidding aside, I hope someday, all questions I've been asking to the Lord, will be answered sooner..
I must hold on to my faith , Trust in the Lord and keep on praying..
I hope someday all my wishes will come true :)
I'm looking forward to it and I TRUST YOU LORD ^^