Friday, April 9, 2010

Can't wait to see you~~~~ ^^

Argggh.. Araw2 na kitang namimiss.. :(
Nakakainis ka!! hehehe..
Sana magkita na ulit tayo..
Pali Pali Jagiya..We have lots of things to do..~~
Fishing, beach~~, eating out , chilling out, picture2x,movies,shopping together....etc..
haizt..So lots of plans na...
Nastress na ko sa kaiisip.. hehehehe..
Happy2x sana tayo always..OK?
I miss you Jagiya ~~
So boring without you.. :(
That's why I can't wait to see you ~~~
I really miss you ~~ ^^
Kiss kiss ^____* Hugz ~~

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