Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's Back ^^

Wow~~~~ It's sooooo surprising ~~ ^^
My Jagiya came back..after 4 months of no communication Im soo happy he's back..He's really back..kkk~~
I really miss him soo much ~~I miss his lovely face and his "bugoy" look...haha.
I'm so happy that al last we met again in skype last ( Feb. 21,2010) Sunday. He promised me that from now on he will be online everyday..kkk.. Promise is a promise Jagiya, OK? kkk. So far, so good.. Today is Wednesday and everyday he's online since Sunday.. .. i Hope that he will keep his promise.
But I understand if sometimes he can't go online coz I know he's busy.....
Anyway, I have to tell you something so shocking..
He told me that he will go to in my place maybe this July/August.. And we'll be getting married soon.. Actually, he proposed to me last year and he told me that he will come to visit me but due to some circumstances, their flight was postponed..
As of now, he's processing his passport and soon he will fly here ^^ weeeeh. Im so excited to see you Jagiya ^^
I miss you so much ^^
Sarang haeyo Yeoboya~~
Pali pali...kkk~~ ^_______*

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If only I could turn back time :(

Regrets....Well, Has anyone can say he/she doesn't have one?
If you're going to ask me, I have a few regrets in life as of now.
Regrets of taking nursing course..
If only I could turn back time, I wished I took up other course than that.
My almost 6 years in college (yes, 6 years because I stopped for one year and I took up BSCS for 1 year) really makes me feel sick.. Imagine 6 long years? and now, My life and my career is still floating. I can't move so far . I was really stuck..My life is really a mess.. :(
I keep on thinking that my life will be OK soon.. My head is always saying that it will be fine but my heart says the opposite.
What am I going to do?
I don't know what will happen to my life..
I really want to move forward but something is pulling me backward..
I can't move , I can't go..
I was really stagnant.
I hope someday I can find the answers..
I want to go on with my life.
I am so frustrated, disappointed and so depressed but I still can handle this situation.
I thank my family for always supporting in everything I do.
I thank GOD for the courage and hope that HE gives me..
I know someday , HE will answer all my prayers..