Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Moments Together ^_^

After having a dinner, it becomes a habit for my hubby and I to have a coffee/tea and eat some fruits or having snacks. We called this Coffee/Tea time and snack time. hahahaha.. We sit and talk about anything. This is our bonding moments before we go to bed. :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be thankful with what you have in life ^________^

Each of us has it’s own destiny in life…. I’m not rich,pretty or famous but Im happy and blessed coz Im surrounded with good people that truly love and care me.. :-)
There are so much of things I should be thank of.
I have God.
I am alive now. ;))
I have a wonderful husband.
I have a very supportive and loving family.
I have awesome friends.
I can speak,write and talk whenever I can.
I am blessed.
I am lucky.
I can eat my favorite food.
So many many things to be thankful with… If I have to write it down everything maybe til tomorrow I can think why I am so thankful in my life..
Let’s learn to appreciate things and people around us. We may encounter many challenges in life but we have to face those challenges as being part of our life and be responsible and mature enough to face every responsibility given to us.
Have a lovely Thursday everyone ^______^

Friday, January 6, 2012

To be healthier in 2012

Since I came here in Korea, every month I got sick :-( I was diagnosed having a UTI on my first month in Korea. We don't have water at home .My inlaws are drinking boricha ( barley tea) and they are not used to drink water. My husband buys me water.. Few months later, I felt uncomfortable on my back and neck. We got a chance to join the free medical for foreigners in Incheon. The doctor told me that my neck was mispositioned or it was super straight. It's supposed to have a bit curve but mine was different that's why I hurts a lot everytime I turn my neck. :-( I went to the nearest acupuncture clinic and the doctor told me the same condition about my neck. I had xray on my neck and hips. It took me a week to really move my neck freely without any pain... It was really a burden to me.. :-( The PT taught me some stretching for my neck, arms and back.Until now I'm doing it and it lessens the pain on my back and neck.. Aside from that yeah every month I got flu...How healthy I am right? hehehehe... I think it's maybe because my body is still adjusting the extreme weather here in Korea.. During winter it's super duper cold while during summer it's super duper hot.. Actually last year Koreans didn't enjoy much summer season. My hubby told me that it was first time happened in Korea for about 8 days straight it was raining hard.. Woooohoo~~ Moonsun season should end on the last week of June ~ 1st week of July but this year weather seems so weird... :-( How I miss summer season.. I miss the hot weather in Philippines. I used to like snow but when I already experienced it I can't bear the coldness it brings.. Freezing cold.. But still I'm happy everytime I see snow... Well, hopefully this year I won't be sick again. I know it's impossible to happen because even a healthy person got sick once a year at least. I hope I won't get sick every month... :-) I want to be healthy in order for me to do some tasks...
I pray to God that I won't get sick again.. I should eat healthy foods, exercise and drink lots of water. I should take extra care of myself . :-)
May wish for my family, relatives and friends is to be healthy this Year fo the Dragon. Health is really wealth.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Final Countdown

Hi there! As what I've promised I will post the remaining 6 months of memorable experience last 2011..


  • My first birthday celebration in Korea. I went home late from training in the hakwon. My husband fetched me at the subway station and he bought a cake for me. My nephew blew the candles for me. hehehehehe.
    Offered a contract from PP. This month really tested my decision making. Should I stay or should I go? Finally,I made a wise decision for not continuing to work in that 학원.It was the Toughest decision I made....

  • Met my friend Claire I've met at the CFO during my visa process in Manila ^^ We had lunch and a little conversation before she went back to China.


  • Interviewed at Gimpo but unfortunately they hired the Gyopo teacher.

  • Went to Eureka's house. First time to see her in person with the other Pinay ( Maricris).

  • One of my Pinay friends here in Korea contacted me and offered me a job. I was really happy then coz it's been almost a month of staying at the house and it boredom really kills me..

  • Got hired and at first I was so excited to teach and work with the Korean kids. I heard a lot of bad things about the owner but I was still positive that she will give me my salary on time.... Hmm. Let's seee..

  • Been to Bupyeong Underground shopping for the first time.


  • Korea's Thanksgiving Day ( 추석) My first Chuseok in Korea. ^_^

  • I expected my first month of salary.Sept. 16. Sad to say, my boss made a lot of excuses blah blah blah. She promised to pay me one week after my expected salary. I told my husband about it and he got mad. He called my boss and she still gave my husband the same explanation she told me earlier we talked. I still worked on the next day that was Tuesday. Wednesday morning my husband told me not to go to my work. I called my boss and she was soo mad. Well that was expected. kkk~ We are only 2 teachers in her academy. One is the very etchuserang Koreana..hmmp... Thursday morning My husband went to the academy and my boss told my husband she will not give my salary.Luckily my husband got a chance to talked to my boss' husband and he promised they will send my salary the next day (Friday).

  • Sept. 23-- Friday I received my salary~ wohoo~~ I was soooo happy that time. Without the help of my very supportive husband I can't get my salary..waaah.

  • Got interviewd again with the other English academy but the problem was the school is sooo far from our place.. :-( I rejected the offer and it was my husband decision too. This time I need to be careful in choosing and getting a job.

  • Sent money and our birtdhay presents to my brother and mom. ^______^

  • I met my friend Lanie at Seoul . We went to Dongdaemoon and Hello Kitty Cafe ^^

  • Lastly, Our 1st Anniversary ^___________^ We went to Nami Island. We really had a great time together. Thank you so much God for being the center of our married life~


  • My husband's birthday ^________^ weeeh~~ I planned that day on what to do to make his birthday special.. We had dinner at the Tuna's Restaurant near our place. I bought cake, wine on his birtdhay.. kkkk~ so happy I made my husband happy.

  • Oct. 3 Holiday in Korea.. Went to Bupyeong with friends..

  • My nephew's bday~~ bought robot haha.


  • Millenium Pepero Day ^____^ received an advanced Pepero gift from my hubby.kkk

  • hmmm.. November.... aha~ I met another Pinay in Seoul and we visited in her house. happy ^_^

  • what else?? still Tambay... :-( no work..

  • Kimchi making.. backaches :-( but I had fun though.


  • My favorite month. Though I feel soo homesick coz Christmas is approaching. Every morning I turned on the computer and searched on utbe some Christmas songs.. so emo. haha

  • First snow actually snowflakes pa lng cya but I didn't saw it. The very first snow I saw was on the 9th of Dec.

  • 18th day of Dec..unforgettable date..

  • Snow ..lots of snowfall on the 23rd of Dec ^__^ played with the snow for the fist

  • Whie Christmas in Kimchiworld. We had lunch at the Incheon airport and oppa bought me Christmas 선물 ( present) Etude house and Polham jackets. kkk~ happy ~

  • Lotte for the very first time I been to Lotte world with friends before the year ends. ^___^ It was soooooo amazing. How can I forget the Atlantis Adventure.. kk~ We tried Sinbad boat, Bumjee Drop, Atlantis Adeventure, Horror house ( Tomb something.. I forgot.., and the Mirror maze.. Also witnessed the Parade. It was fun! I will blog about my experienced in Lotte world later kk.~

Happy New Year friends~~

That's all of my unforgettable exprience in 2011. Some are bad, some are good but we will keep in our minds that whatever challenges life may bring Never give up!! That's what I've learned in 2011 Year of the RABBIT. I admit it was the toughest year in my life but I'm certain that all these things will pass. God is with me and I belive HE knows what will be the BEST for me in this year ahead.. I'm looking forward to find a great job this year, save money, be thankful everyday and become a better wife, a better friend and a better person. Have a fruitful new year everyone ^________^

Final Countdown ^________^

Yay! Few hours we will welcome the Year of the Dragon.. Are you guys ready to face another year?? We have to, right? kkk~~ Two days ago, I searched about this Chinese Sign--- Dragon. Well as what I've remembered Dragon is powerful, productive and successful. I've been praying that next year will be a BETTER year not just for me but also for my family and to everyone pra masaya ^_________^ This year has lots of challenges happened in my life... I want to bullet the months happening in my life.


  • Whew~~~ Welcome year of the Rabbit

  • 3 weeks in Manila for my visa processing my. Yay! This is really is it!

  • Got my visa last January 27..woohoo~~

  • Met the cool bloggers in MOA

  • My last bonding with my sis before my flight to Korea T______T.

  • 1st day of Febrauary it was raining hard and I need to wake up early for my very early dometic flight to Cebu, and International flight Cebu to Incheon.. Yes, I left Phil on the 1st day of Feb. I want to blog my experience at the aiport, when I first stepped Korea, and etc. next time on my 1st year here.. keep updated kkk..

  • New life, new adjustment.

  • My first Lunar New Year in Kimchiland^____^ and my first meeting with my father in law. Received money from him..

  • My first Valentines Day. I received chocolates from my husband. Actually, Koreans way of celebrating Valentines day is that girls are the ones who are giving chocolates, presents to their boyfriends, husbands.. Very opposite in Phil. hehehe

  • Worked in PP office..

  • Shopping winter clothes at Fashion Island, Seoul Korea. ^_____^


  • First month in Korea. I sa snowflakes were falling.. lalalala.ang saya saya.

  • Whew! I got sick because of the very very very cold weather.. Thought it was already Spring but the weather taht time was soooo crazy~~~~

  • Shopping again for Spring clothes.. ^_______^ Bought my first rubber shoes Converse. :-) happy

  • Happy White Day Korea ^_______^ This time men are the ones who gave chocolates and presents to their girlfriends/wives.


  • Homesick :-( I remember this time I cried almost every night. I miss my family sooo much...

  • My sis birthday... Sent my first Korean box to Philippines-- choco pies, beauty products, clothes for my family.

  • Oppa bought me Samsung Smartphone ^_^ April 24.

  • Been to Yeouido Park, Children's Grand Park with the inlaws.

  • I remembered this time I cried and I really want to go back to Phil. whew...


  • Weeee. For the first time I went to Seoul by subway!! I met my friend Lanie and we visited lots of cool places in Seoul: Myeongdong,Gwanghwamun square, Sejong museum,Gyeongbok palace, folk museum. Yeah we visited all in one day. hahaha. I was soooooo happy that time. I'm glad I met such a nice Pinay like Lanie here in Korea.

  • Planned to quit my job.


  • Well,aside from I already quit my job nothing really special on this month. .

  • job hunting..

  • Rainy month..

These are my first 6 months review for this year. I will post the rest of the 6 months later.

Happy New Year everyone ^_______^

Friday, December 2, 2011

How did you know if he is the one?

Good eve everyone ^_^ Something just appeared on my mind. I remembered someone asked me before, "How did you know that the person who are with is the one?" Hmm. Simple question with a very difficult answer.I didn't gave her an answer that time I haven't found yet the person who will make me happy. I want to get back to her and tell her my answer. Well, ganito lang yun, based on my experience hahaha, For me, Love is like you're travelling.. You discover something that would make you become a better person, sometimes you've thought that he is the one. But in the end you've realized that he is not meant for you.. Minsan kala mo cya na pero dumaan lang pala cya sa buhay mo para turuan ka papano at ano ang pakiramdam ng may nagmamahal at may minamahal. :-)
As I look back on my past I can define love is like you are traveling in a road as what I've mentioned earlier, you will know na cya na if walang lubak, dire-diretso, in short smooth sailing ang byahe..Walang sabit, walang kumukontra, wla kang nasasaktan, yung masaya ka at masaya din ang taong nasa paligid mo. Ganun kasimple pro mahirap hanapin. Pansin ko kung lalo mong hinahanap ang love lalo mo cyang d nkikita.Kusa lang yan darating sa buhay mo. ;) In a right time and in a right place.. Don;t find love, let love find you.. Charoooot..

It's nice to be inlove. ^_________^
Happy weekend everyone~

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December ^______^

Taken last night at the Incheon International Airport. going home?? hmmm.kkkk~ how I wish hahaha

Christmas is fast approaching.. I believe everyone is done decorating with their Christmas Trees~~ I miss decorating our Christmas tree. I remembered last time I spent my Christmas together with my family in Phil. I don't know if I'll be happy or sad coz this is my first Christmas away from them :-( But I'm being positive coz even if I'm away from them I can still smile on that day ^____^ It's my first White Christmas here in Korea with my better half. What I'm excited about is to see snow~~ kkkkk~~ I can't wait for that day to play snowballs and make snowman hahahaha. parang bata lng. hehehehe..
Anyhow, weather is so good today~ I can see Mr.Sunshine smilling at me..
DOne washing with my bedsheets~ hahaha..
Have a nice day everyone ~