Friday, November 26, 2010

My husband, My hero ^_^

Before I met you, I thought I already knew you but when you stay in our house for a month, I know you more and more. You are more than enough. Everytime when we're together I feel so blessed and lucky. Oppa, this is the celebration when you became a part of our family.Though our culture is totally different I saw how you adjust and I never hear you complaining. You just smile when you are tired, tell me you are OK even if you're not, you crack a joke when you feel I'm not in the bad mood, you massage my feet when I'm tired, tell me beautiful stories that inspire me a lot, helped me putting mask on my face and told me that I need to take a rest, buy me stuff that I really love.I could not ask for more. Thank you for everything oppa. I love you and I really really do.

Cheers for everyone. ^_______^I miss you~


RyHeAnNe said...

Hi Chagood afternoon, thanks for dropping at my site. Opo kahit wala pang visa pwede na mag-apply ng CFO. Kasi sa Korean Embassy kailangan talaga my CFO muna bago mag-aaply visa ayon sa experience ko. Ang seminar sa CFO for a wife of Korean takes four(4) days kasi kailangan ninyo pa alamin ang kanilang culture and etc., yon ang sabi sa amin ng CFO Officer na nag-orient sa amin.

Good luck and welcome here in Korea in advance! ^_^

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

hi~RyHeanne -- thanks for the info, bale 2 days plus another 2 days pa pala. :-(
matagal ka ba sa Korea? how's the situation there? di ba delikado kc ung alitan bet North and South. mejo worried din kc family.

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

PS, ilang days mo po ba nakuha ang visa mo? spouse visa ba ung inaplayan mo before? thanks hehe

Nurse Jiashi said...

awwww you're so sweet unnie! your husband/hero must be really lucky to have you!! :D you two are perfect for each other! God bless the both of you!

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

@Nurse Jiashi.. thanks donsgaeng. im lucky too to have him. ^________^