Monday, January 11, 2010

me na me :)

Just give you a small info about me..hehe..

I like reading books,watching movies, Im not really into sports but i like watching basketball and volleyball games.
I love shoes, dress, taking many pictures, nature,walking barefoot on the sand ( white sand)of course.hehe. I don't like summer neither rain.Where should I live?hehe I want to see real snow and cherry blossoms someday.. ^^ I love traveling, meeting people from different places and countries. Aside from meeting people from different places and countries, i like to experience their culture as well. One of the places I want to visit someday is Australia and S.Korea. I love Korean culture.i find their culture so unique and very interesting..
I hope I can go to Korea soon ~~~~
I love God and I respect my family A LOT..
My family and friends are my inspiration in life.:)
oh~~ I forgot to tell you,i love taking pictures also^^kk~

Welcome 2010

Year ends and another year has come..
I told myself i have to update my blog everyday when 2010 starts.. hmm. sad to say, I've been busy in my work.. hahaiz.. after vacation of course you have to expect loads of works.. :(
Thesedays I really felt bad about myself..
I hate what I'm doing >________<

I don't know why..
I hope that everything will be fine soon..