Thursday, April 8, 2010

And this is Our Love Story ♥♥♥

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”

I never thought that love comes in my life..I remember when I was young and I always think when and where can I find my Prince Charming? I searched for love unfortunately the more I searched for it, the more I feel disappointed. :(
Until one day, my prince charming came along in a very mysterious way.Love is indeed mysterious^^ .
Have you ever wondered where and when I met my Jagiya?kk~~
Everytime I recall the day we first met I can see myself smiling ^____^
Kakakilig..hehehe..Ako lang ang kinikilig..haha
He is a Korean.. Like what I've said before that if ever I have to get married, I want to have a Korean Husband,, ^^
It's also because of my Korean friends who are so nice and sweet with me..They are my inspiration ^^ To all my oppa, thank you sooooo much ^^ I will not name you all.. I know who you are.. ^^
I told myself that if ever I have to get married, I will marry a Korean ~~
My wish came true..And I found my guy :)
He is 38 years old, but he really looks younger than his age ^^
I met him it's all because of my sister..

Here's the beginning of our love story ~~

My sister is working with a Korean company and her boss is a Korean ^^
Yes, you heard it right.Her boss is a woman. ^^
One day, her boss asked my sister if she knew someone who is not yet married and she liked to introduce a Korean guy. At first her boss didn't mention that the guy she wanted to introduce is her brother in law. Sabi lang ng amo ng ate ko na she knows someone who wants to marry a Filipina..
My sister keeps thinking who is the girl she will introduce to her boss.. hmmm..Actually my sis was thinking that it's me whom she will introduce to her boss.But Im still a student that time so my sis ignored it.. Im so young pa daw..

Few months passed by, my sis' boss keep on asking about the girl because the guy really wants to have a girlfriend and wants to get married also. ^^
So, my sis thought about me again..Total graduate na ako that time, so she tried to tell her boss about me..But before that my sis asked permission first to me if Im interested.

When my sis and I were chatting .. ( I was in Bacolod that time having a Christmas vacation), she told me about it.. I told her AKO NALANG te, hehehe.. jowk. . Then my sis said, Oh.. sure ka? Sabi ko naman , sige try..haahahaha.. ano ito, parang nang aaply lang ng job?..hehehe..

So, my sis finally told her boss that she has a sister(and that's me ) .Her boss was so happy (Happy ka ba talaga boss?hahaha...because she really likes my sister..Sabi pa nga ng boss nya , if my sis is not married pwede cya na lang..hehehe..
Her boss asked for my pic and my sis sent her my pic.Her boss told my sis that her brother in law really wants to get married to a Filipina.. hmmm..why kaya?
After sending my pic to her boss... Her boss told my sis that I am ..I am Beautiful..hahaha..alangan edited ang pics..Thanks sa photoscape..hehehe..
The guy sent me email almost everyday and he keeps on telling me that he is so happy that I sent him my picture. ^^

So, after my vacation in Bacolod, we went home to my place and days after we chatted.. ^^
I was so starstruck .. at akoý nashock in over over sa pagkashock..hahaha.. Ang gwapo nya!... hehehe..Yung pinadala nila na pic sa akin ibang-iba sa cam.. He is a bit chubby in the pic though I can tell that in his pic that he's really handsome.. but when I saw him on he is really handsome..He doesn't look like a Korean.He looks like more of a Japanese ^^ My sis boss told me that they told the guy to lose his weight.So the guy was very inspired to lose his weight.Everynight jogging ang guy..hehehe.. Inspired ata ,,hmm.

I did enjoy our first chatting eventhough he can only speak little English but I can say he's trying his best to learn the language..

My love life is never been perfect before the day I met him ~~^^

Days ,months after he told me that he really wants to marry me..~~
I was so shocked but I didn't believe it.. I told myself.Halaka paano na mga oppa ko?haha. Actually, madami akong kakilalang koreano pero sa 3 years naming kachatmate ni isa sa kanila wala talagang nagsabi sa akin na Sarang hae.... .. They are all good but ito talaga ang bumihag ng aking puso..hehehehe.. Si Jagiya ~~ ^^

We decided to get married last year 2009 but due to some circumstances it was postponed.. :(

Honestly, everytime I can't see his face, I miss him a lot.Siya yung oppa ko na nakakamiss pag di nagpaparamdam ng ilang araw o buwan.. Kahit di cya masyadong marunong mag english, masaya ako kapag kausap ko siya :)

I can tell that he is the right guy for me ^^
Everytime we talk he didn't forget to tell me how much he loves me ^^ (♥_♥)
Sa kanya ko lang nakita ang sincerity at masasabi ko na masayang masaya talaga ako sa kanya. ^^ I can feel it that he really loves me more than I love him ^^
He really makes me feel happy and everytime I think of him I can say He's really the one..
I thank God because I found him. Im very lucky that God allow me to meet him in my life. ^^
I hope our wedding will not be postponed again this year., fingers crossed...
I really want to be with him forever~~
I hope and pray that he's the answer of all my prayers .. :)

Jagiya young won hee sarang haeyo ♥♥♥
I'm so inlove with you ^^

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