Monday, April 5, 2010

Is Letting go really LOVE?

Setting free.Is it love?
Different people have different opinions in life especially if it's all about love ~~^^
Well, as for me, setting free depends on the situation.
If both of you still love each other, you don't have to let go of that person.Instead you have to fight for your love.
If you really find your true love and happiness with that person so must not set him free.. You have to do anything in order to save your relationship.
You exert more effort just to let him know how much you really love that person.
On the contrary, if you think that the person finds happiness with someone else then that's the time you have to set this person free.
If you really love him/her, you'll be happy for that person if you know how happy he/she is in her life with that someone..
But even if very hard to let go for the person you really love, you must learn to move on.. ^^

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