Saturday, April 10, 2010

To my crazy,wacky,moody,lovely,my bestfriend,my enemy,my pretty sister^^

Today is the day you were born and I still can't believe how long we've been together.^^
You are always at my side..kkk~~ Charrrrr..hahaha
You were born 3 years before I came out in this wonderful world and I don't have any idea that you will be my sister.
One of the most wonderful blessings that God gave to me is to have you as my sister.eiii~~
3 years older is not hindrance for us to share our uniqueness instead it makes us realize how wonderful we are with each other.. kkkk~~
Sharing our problems make us become closer.
We are bitter together..hahhahaa.I mean better together.. :p
You are my Bestfriend, my best enemy, my sister,my adviser,my beauty consultant,my stylist and everything...
Sometimes when I'm alone I asked myself "What if you weren't my sister? What if we didn't know each other like strangers in the dark?kkk~~
I'm so lucky to have you as my sis. Eventhough sometimes, I'm so tough with you and you are to me but I really care and love you.
Please be happy always my sis because I hate to see you crying.OK?
I thank you for the encouragement.
Thank you for being my strength when I'm disappointed,frustrated and broken hearted..Thank you is not enough ..
If there's a word more than that then I could say it that way.
Love you my sis and Happy Birthday ^^ weeh ~~


Sendzki said...

wow lambing naman ng kapatid ^_^ happy birthday sa ate mo! ^_^

Papabear said...

hello, you really love your ate, don't you? ^_^

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

@sendzki and papa bear... hihi~~ sorry for late reply guys..hehe....
yep. i love my ate :) She is my twin.hehehe