Friday, December 2, 2011

How did you know if he is the one?

Good eve everyone ^_^ Something just appeared on my mind. I remembered someone asked me before, "How did you know that the person who are with is the one?" Hmm. Simple question with a very difficult answer.I didn't gave her an answer that time I haven't found yet the person who will make me happy. I want to get back to her and tell her my answer. Well, ganito lang yun, based on my experience hahaha, For me, Love is like you're travelling.. You discover something that would make you become a better person, sometimes you've thought that he is the one. But in the end you've realized that he is not meant for you.. Minsan kala mo cya na pero dumaan lang pala cya sa buhay mo para turuan ka papano at ano ang pakiramdam ng may nagmamahal at may minamahal. :-)
As I look back on my past I can define love is like you are traveling in a road as what I've mentioned earlier, you will know na cya na if walang lubak, dire-diretso, in short smooth sailing ang byahe..Walang sabit, walang kumukontra, wla kang nasasaktan, yung masaya ka at masaya din ang taong nasa paligid mo. Ganun kasimple pro mahirap hanapin. Pansin ko kung lalo mong hinahanap ang love lalo mo cyang d nkikita.Kusa lang yan darating sa buhay mo. ;) In a right time and in a right place.. Don;t find love, let love find you.. Charoooot..

It's nice to be inlove. ^_________^
Happy weekend everyone~

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Anonymous said...

hi there! Been visiting ur blog...u have a cute and great blog dear. Where are u in South Korea? Hope you'll visite my blog too. thanks:)