Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December ^______^

Taken last night at the Incheon International Airport. going home?? hmmm.kkkk~ how I wish hahaha

Christmas is fast approaching.. I believe everyone is done decorating with their Christmas Trees~~ I miss decorating our Christmas tree. I remembered last time I spent my Christmas together with my family in Phil. I don't know if I'll be happy or sad coz this is my first Christmas away from them :-( But I'm being positive coz even if I'm away from them I can still smile on that day ^____^ It's my first White Christmas here in Korea with my better half. What I'm excited about is to see snow~~ kkkkk~~ I can't wait for that day to play snowballs and make snowman hahahaha. parang bata lng. hehehehe..
Anyhow, weather is so good today~ I can see Mr.Sunshine smilling at me..
DOne washing with my bedsheets~ hahaha..
Have a nice day everyone ~

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