Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be thankful with what you have in life ^________^

Each of us has it’s own destiny in life…. I’m not rich,pretty or famous but Im happy and blessed coz Im surrounded with good people that truly love and care me.. :-)
There are so much of things I should be thank of.
I have God.
I am alive now. ;))
I have a wonderful husband.
I have a very supportive and loving family.
I have awesome friends.
I can speak,write and talk whenever I can.
I am blessed.
I am lucky.
I can eat my favorite food.
So many many things to be thankful with… If I have to write it down everything maybe til tomorrow I can think why I am so thankful in my life..
Let’s learn to appreciate things and people around us. We may encounter many challenges in life but we have to face those challenges as being part of our life and be responsible and mature enough to face every responsibility given to us.
Have a lovely Thursday everyone ^______^

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