Friday, December 30, 2011

Final Countdown ^________^

Yay! Few hours we will welcome the Year of the Dragon.. Are you guys ready to face another year?? We have to, right? kkk~~ Two days ago, I searched about this Chinese Sign--- Dragon. Well as what I've remembered Dragon is powerful, productive and successful. I've been praying that next year will be a BETTER year not just for me but also for my family and to everyone pra masaya ^_________^ This year has lots of challenges happened in my life... I want to bullet the months happening in my life.


  • Whew~~~ Welcome year of the Rabbit

  • 3 weeks in Manila for my visa processing my. Yay! This is really is it!

  • Got my visa last January 27..woohoo~~

  • Met the cool bloggers in MOA

  • My last bonding with my sis before my flight to Korea T______T.

  • 1st day of Febrauary it was raining hard and I need to wake up early for my very early dometic flight to Cebu, and International flight Cebu to Incheon.. Yes, I left Phil on the 1st day of Feb. I want to blog my experience at the aiport, when I first stepped Korea, and etc. next time on my 1st year here.. keep updated kkk..

  • New life, new adjustment.

  • My first Lunar New Year in Kimchiland^____^ and my first meeting with my father in law. Received money from him..

  • My first Valentines Day. I received chocolates from my husband. Actually, Koreans way of celebrating Valentines day is that girls are the ones who are giving chocolates, presents to their boyfriends, husbands.. Very opposite in Phil. hehehe

  • Worked in PP office..

  • Shopping winter clothes at Fashion Island, Seoul Korea. ^_____^


  • First month in Korea. I sa snowflakes were falling.. lalalala.ang saya saya.

  • Whew! I got sick because of the very very very cold weather.. Thought it was already Spring but the weather taht time was soooo crazy~~~~

  • Shopping again for Spring clothes.. ^_______^ Bought my first rubber shoes Converse. :-) happy

  • Happy White Day Korea ^_______^ This time men are the ones who gave chocolates and presents to their girlfriends/wives.


  • Homesick :-( I remember this time I cried almost every night. I miss my family sooo much...

  • My sis birthday... Sent my first Korean box to Philippines-- choco pies, beauty products, clothes for my family.

  • Oppa bought me Samsung Smartphone ^_^ April 24.

  • Been to Yeouido Park, Children's Grand Park with the inlaws.

  • I remembered this time I cried and I really want to go back to Phil. whew...


  • Weeee. For the first time I went to Seoul by subway!! I met my friend Lanie and we visited lots of cool places in Seoul: Myeongdong,Gwanghwamun square, Sejong museum,Gyeongbok palace, folk museum. Yeah we visited all in one day. hahaha. I was soooooo happy that time. I'm glad I met such a nice Pinay like Lanie here in Korea.

  • Planned to quit my job.


  • Well,aside from I already quit my job nothing really special on this month. .

  • job hunting..

  • Rainy month..

These are my first 6 months review for this year. I will post the rest of the 6 months later.

Happy New Year everyone ^_______^


UnniBenteNwebe said...

times up lol
didnt realize it's been a year na atong laag2x sa manila...
miss u moi
plz update ur blog always kkk

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

@unninemtenwebe - haha.lge moi~ miss u moi~~~~ uu update nko blog d nko cge fb aw hehhehe