Saturday, May 29, 2010

I’m sorry and Thank you

It’s been a long time since we haven’t seen each other.
I miss the times when we’re together.
I miss the way you teased me.
I miss the laugh, the smile that you’ve brought to me
Everytime I’m with you.
Sometimes I think, “Where did we go wrong?”
Why those things have to happen?
Was it our decision to end this up?
Or was it fate?
Days, months and years passed…
All those questions have been answered.
Seeing as we’re happy with what’s happening with our lives right now,
I thank God coz we’ve made the right choice.
Right to find the true happiness and right to find what’s empty to us.
I know that you are happy and even if I’m not happy
I have to be just for you.
I believe all these things were just part of our beautiful memories that once we’ve shared.
And if God permits,
Someday, somewhere and somehow,
If we’ll see each other again,
I only have few words to say to you..
And if not His will to meet the two of us again, I will asked the Lord to send His angels and whisper it to you telling you I’M SORRY AND THANK YOU.. I really mean it ^^

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