Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Mr.Wrong,

I chose to hide the feelings I feel for you

Coz I know you don’t like it to

I really care for you but you never knew.

I smile to hide the pain I felt inside

But I’m still waiting for you in vain.

Until I realized, that I have to move on and forget all the stupid things I’ve done only for you.

I know it’s hard but I have nothing to do.

Now that I’m happy and totally moved on

You came to me and asked me

Begging me to love you again.

Are you crazy? Did you forget all the things you’ve told me before?

You’ve been pushing me to someone

Someone who will care and love me the way I do for you.

And now, you’re here to ask me to bring back the love that I felt for you.

Isn’t so unfair?

How can you do this to me?

I guess it’s time for us to really let go

Let go of the pain we’ve brought to each other and

Find ourselves again and if by chance, we’ll meet again

I hope that we’ll never be the same again..

May we find true Happiness, true love and contentment in our lives.


언니 said...

dear little princess,
why why why lols~~
i wanna go there..bwahaha,,haysss im babo im lost what's going on dearie who's mr right ha?

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

kkkkk~~ i don't know. haha..miss u moi~~