Friday, January 6, 2012

To be healthier in 2012

Since I came here in Korea, every month I got sick :-( I was diagnosed having a UTI on my first month in Korea. We don't have water at home .My inlaws are drinking boricha ( barley tea) and they are not used to drink water. My husband buys me water.. Few months later, I felt uncomfortable on my back and neck. We got a chance to join the free medical for foreigners in Incheon. The doctor told me that my neck was mispositioned or it was super straight. It's supposed to have a bit curve but mine was different that's why I hurts a lot everytime I turn my neck. :-( I went to the nearest acupuncture clinic and the doctor told me the same condition about my neck. I had xray on my neck and hips. It took me a week to really move my neck freely without any pain... It was really a burden to me.. :-( The PT taught me some stretching for my neck, arms and back.Until now I'm doing it and it lessens the pain on my back and neck.. Aside from that yeah every month I got flu...How healthy I am right? hehehehe... I think it's maybe because my body is still adjusting the extreme weather here in Korea.. During winter it's super duper cold while during summer it's super duper hot.. Actually last year Koreans didn't enjoy much summer season. My hubby told me that it was first time happened in Korea for about 8 days straight it was raining hard.. Woooohoo~~ Moonsun season should end on the last week of June ~ 1st week of July but this year weather seems so weird... :-( How I miss summer season.. I miss the hot weather in Philippines. I used to like snow but when I already experienced it I can't bear the coldness it brings.. Freezing cold.. But still I'm happy everytime I see snow... Well, hopefully this year I won't be sick again. I know it's impossible to happen because even a healthy person got sick once a year at least. I hope I won't get sick every month... :-) I want to be healthy in order for me to do some tasks...
I pray to God that I won't get sick again.. I should eat healthy foods, exercise and drink lots of water. I should take extra care of myself . :-)
May wish for my family, relatives and friends is to be healthy this Year fo the Dragon. Health is really wealth.


UnniBenteNwebe said...

moi be healthy oi,,cge lng ka sakit T_T
kaon daghn fruits kkkk...drink a lot of water...and sleep well,,,
woppsss don't forget to smile always

Anonymous said...

Take care :)