Monday, January 11, 2010

me na me :)

Just give you a small info about me..hehe..

I like reading books,watching movies, Im not really into sports but i like watching basketball and volleyball games.
I love shoes, dress, taking many pictures, nature,walking barefoot on the sand ( white sand)of course.hehe. I don't like summer neither rain.Where should I live?hehe I want to see real snow and cherry blossoms someday.. ^^ I love traveling, meeting people from different places and countries. Aside from meeting people from different places and countries, i like to experience their culture as well. One of the places I want to visit someday is Australia and S.Korea. I love Korean culture.i find their culture so unique and very interesting..
I hope I can go to Korea soon ~~~~
I love God and I respect my family A LOT..
My family and friends are my inspiration in life.:)
oh~~ I forgot to tell you,i love taking pictures also^^kk~

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