Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thanks to you ~~ Facebook ~~ ^^

Pinoy ka ba? hmm. im sure you have facebook account..kng wla eh, panu na? hehehe..
well, these past few months I really enjoy updating my facebook account. Aside from the fact that I we can communicate to our friends..new friends, long time friends and friends of your friends eh nakakaadik nga talaga mag facebook.hehee.. so happy because I met a lot of pinays who were married to a korean and others are going to get married soon and ang iba who have korean bf.. I can say that I can relate to some of their love stories.. some are sad, some are happy but most of them are in love with their partner.♥♥♥ and i love it.
im happy everytime i see korean couple..kakakilig tlga.. iba tlaga ang korean.. haiz. i miss my jagiya..kk~~

wait, how's my jagiya? hehehe. ..
I know he's really busy now.. busy in his work.busy making money.. kkkk~~
I'm planning to tell him to sign up in facebook, but then i think wla na nga xang masyadong time sa sarili nya, ipagagawa ko pa xa ng Facebook.Lol!!

Another thing why I owe facebook is that I met some of my elementary classmates in FB.. see? what a small world..
im wondering who made facebook? i really want to thank him/her or them..hehe
well, Thank you so much.. ^^
Thanks also to my korean friend who keep on sending me message.He's so cool ^^
Everytime I receive a message from my korean friend Im so happy and I really appreciate how he spends his time to send me message. ^^ He's one of the coolest kuya I've ever met. even though my korean friend introduce him to me...thanks to him though ..
I sometimes asked him about their culture coz I have my Jagiya.so it's nice to know some information about Korea.. It was so cool meeting people in different countries and sharing their cultures.. ..
I hope I can find lots of friends here in my blog as well..

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