Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love me or hate me :)

Hey !! Everybody!!
Nice to be back.. Been busy in my work .. wheew..

But today, Got nothing to do, so I just write a blog just to express what I really feel nowadays ^^
hmm. It's been a while since I haven't practiced my writing skills.right?.hehe..
I'm kinda boring at this moment so I decided to post a new blog. Hope everyone will like it ( Though I didn't obliged you to read this ..haha.. It's up to you if you like or not ^^ wink.

These days I feel that am no longer happy with what I'm doing.. sigh...
I don't know why?
I really want to explore things, to discover lots of stuffs and experience many things outside my world :)..
I feel sad about it..
Sometimes am really confused what I really want into my life.
Maybe, i need inspiration?kkk~~ I suddenly miss my Jagiya.^^ kkk~~
Well, that's life~~
I don't know where my fate will bring me..
Kidding aside, I hope someday, all questions I've been asking to the Lord, will be answered sooner..
I must hold on to my faith , Trust in the Lord and keep on praying..
I hope someday all my wishes will come true :)
I'm looking forward to it and I TRUST YOU LORD ^^

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